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BTM enjoy hot Summer Concert!

The band had a fantastic concert at Wesley Church, Caerphilly on Saturday 24 June.

The appreciative audience enjoyed the diverse mix of music on show (despite the heat)… hence why we ditched our traditional lion-tamer jackets!

It was also the first public performance since several personnel moves in the middle of the band:

➡️ Kirsty Jayne Jones has moved from Flugelhorn to Solo Horn, with Andrew King moving the other way

➡️ Hayley Williams has moved from 2nd Cornet to 2nd Horn, with Josh Maslen-Lock swapping seats

➡️ Tim Jones has returned to Solo Baritone from Solo Euphonium, with Oliver Hodgkiss taking on the Solo Euphonium mantle (and Lloyd Barnaby moving back to 2nd Euphonium)

Well done to our featured soloists:

▪️ Seamus Gallagher (Cornet) for his rendition of “Satchmo”

▪️ Clint Miller for his performance of “Du Bist Die Ruh”

▪️ Kirsty for her rendition of “Over The Rainbow” (as well as her solos in “Jurassic Park”, “Winter” from Four Seasons and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”!)

▪️ 2nd Cornet Tanwen Falloon on leading the quartet for “Sweet and Low”

▪️ Oliver for his virtuosic rendition of “Rule Britannia” - his first stand-up solo with the band!

The band also had a nice post-concert social at the Courthouse Pub in Caerphilly. Stunning weather for it too!

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