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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far in advance do I need to book BTM That's Brass?
BTM That's Brass is a professional brass ensemble, but our performers also have full-time jobs. As such, please try to book us at least 1 month before your event.

Q. Have you got a price list?
Because every event is unique, we normally
agree a fee based on individual requirements. This can vary somewhat, depending on factors such as the duration of our performance & distance travelled. However, all bookings are subject to a non-refundable deposit of £200.00 at time of booking. Please go to our Contact page to ask for a bespoke quote.

Q. Which geographical areas do you cover?
We are based in South Wales, and as such we regularly perform in South Wales & South West. However, we are available to perform anywhere in the United Kingdom - travel costs would be included in the fee that we charge. Please contact us directly for more information.

Q. What facilities do you need for your performance?
This all depends on the type of event that you are holding. However, we always require 3
chairs, and need at least a 5m x 5m space in which to perform. Adequate lighting is also preferable, but we can bring our own if required. Refreshments are also greatly appreciated! 

Q. How long do you need to set up?
We require at least 15 minutes of setting-up time before our performance, and at least 15 minutes afterwards to safely pack away our equipment.

Q. How often do you take breaks?
Due to the physical nature of playing brass instruments, regular pauses are necessary (normally 5 minutes out of every 30).

Q. We would like to hear you perform live before booking - is this possible?
Of course: there are plenty of ways in which you can hear BTM That's Brass perform. We have YouTube & SoundCloud
accounts, and regularly perform at public engagements. We also attend wedding fayres in the South Wales area - please go to our Diary to find out when we will be near you!

Q. If one of your musicians is unavailable for our event, what happens?
There are rare circumstances when a player cannot make an engagement. If this happens, we have a number of freelance musicians to call on who know our repertoire very well.

Q. Can I take photographs/videos of your live performance?
Yes, but only for personal use (not for commercial use). Please do not upload any media to the internet without our prior permission. Also, photographs of the ensemble that are taken at your event, by our official photographer, will appear on our website for promotional purposes unless you specifically request otherwise.

Q. We really want a particular piece of music played at our event. What happens if you do not have this piece of music?
Please ask us if you would like any particular piece of music to be performed - we might already have it! If not, we have a specialist team of in-house arrangers who can arrange pretty much anything for this ensemble. 

Q. Can you perform outside?
The ensemble will gladly play outdoors during fine weather. All that we ask is that a form of shelter (such as a large gazebo) is provided, to protect our instruments from sun and rain.


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