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The band travelled to Penarth on Saturday 18 November to perform at the SEWBBA (South East Wales Brass Band Association) Autumn Festival 2023.

Each competing band was to perform an own-choice 20-minute concert programme, and BTM took part in the Combined Section - Championship & 1, where five bands performed for adjudicators Sheona White & John Maines.

Our programme was:

1. Fanfare for a New Age (Goff Richards) 2. March - Praise (Wilfred Heaton) 3. Satchmo (Kenny Baker arr. Alan Morrison) Cornet Soloist: Seamus Gallagher 4. Paganini Variations (Philip Wilby) Var X-end

The band was happy to eventually come 3rd. Congratulations to winners Parc & Dare Band and runners up Ebbw Valley Brass.

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